Municipality level public hearing held in all districts to be affected by ETP

MCA-Nepal organized municipality level public hearings from 24 November – 5 December 2019 in all 30 Municipalities of the ten districts which will be affected by the Electricity Transmission Project (ETP) will be implemented. The purpose was to generate awareness of the importance of MCA-Nepal’s ETP, share the draft Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) report, sensitize communities and local stakeholders on the potential social and environmental impact of the project activities and share mitigation measures adopted to address them.

The EIA was conducted earlier in areas that will be affected, i.e. 98 wards of 30 municipalities. EIAs are carried out to minimize the adverse impacts on ecological, social and the surrounding physical environment. Considering these socio-environmental impacts, several adjustments were made on the alignment route for the transmission towers. The hearing was an opportunity to share how the EIA has adopted various impact mitigation measures, such as compensation based on resettlement cost, compensation for crops, fruits and plants for the transition period.

Public hearings are a mandatory requirement in finalizing the environmental impact study of project areas that will be affected by the Electricity Transmission Project. As a result, many of these municipalities have provided their recommendation to move ahead. A total of 1543 people took part in public hearings out of which about 20% of the participants were women.

Glimpses of the Public Hearing

DateDistrict group 1Hearing Venue District group 2 Hearing Venue District group 3Hearing Venue
11/24/19NuwakotBelkotgadhi- ward no. 7
11/25/19NuwakotTarkeshwor-Taruka GhatTanahunVyas-DCC HallDhading-benighat rorangBishaltaar – Near GP office
11/26/19NuwakotLikhu-GP officeTanahunRishing-GP officeDhadingGajuri-GP office
11/27/19NuwakotPanchakanya- ward 5 officeTanahunGhiring- Gp officeDhadingSiddhalekh-Bunchung Gp office
11/28/19NuwakotShivapuri-Gp officePalpaRampur-Bejad BazaarDhadingGalchhi – Gp office
11/29/19ChitwanIchhyakamana-Gp officePalpaNisdi-GpofficeDhadingThakre-Gp office
12/01/19TanahunAbukhairani-Gp officeNawalparasiBinayeetribeni- ward 5 officeDhadingNilkantha-ward 5 DCC hall
12/02/19TanahunBandipur-Gp officeNawalparasiBardaghat-Municipality officeMakwanpurThaha-Bhakundebesi
12/03/19NawalparasiSunwal-Municipality officeMakwanpurKailash-Gp office
12/04/19KathmanduShankharapur-JarsingpauwaNawalparasiRamgram-Municipality officeMakwanpurHetauda-DCC Hall
12/05/19SindhupalchowkMelamchi-Community Building Ward-2NawalparasiPalhinandan-Municipality officeMakwanpurRaksirang-Gp office