Road Maintenance Project

Improving Roads Across Nepal

Nepal struggles with poor road quality, inefficient customs and border enforcement, an under-performing trucking industry, and inadequate road coverage. Poor road maintenance makes travel and transport of goods further challenging and expensive. To address the high cost of transit, the $52.2 million Road Maintenance Project aims to maintain road quality across the strategic road network, preventing further deterioration of Nepal’s road network.

Technical Assistance Activity

This activity will provide training and capacity building for the Department of Roads and Roads Board Nepal in improved data collection; preparation of road maintenance plans and cost estimates; improved prioritization of periodic maintenance; improved contracting and contract management; and improved overall project management.

Strategic Road Maintenance Works Activity

The Strategic Road Maintenance Works Activity seeks to incentivize additional Nepal government spending on road maintenance. The activity will support the periodic maintenance of up to 305 kilometers of the country’s strategic road network and provide a matching fund to encourage the expansion of Nepal’s road maintenance budget.