Information for Potential Contractors and Suppliers

Information about upcoming (i) 300 Km of 400 kV Electricity Transmission Line Works Contract and (ii) Procurement of Plant Design, Supply and Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Lot 1: 400kV Ratmate Substation; Lot 2: 400kV New Butwal Substation; Lot 3: 400kV New Damauli Substation  under the Electricity Transmission Project in Nepal

The Millennium Challenge Corporation (“MCC”) and the Government of Nepal (the “Government” or “GoN”) have entered into a Millennium Challenge Compact for Millennium Challenge Account assistance to help facilitate poverty reduction through economic growth in Nepal (the “Compact”) in the amount of approximately USD 500 million (“MCC Funding”). The Government is acting through the Millennium Challenge Account-Nepal (the “MCA-Nepal”) for the implementation of the projects funded under the Compact and has contributed USD 130 million (“GoN Funding”).

The goal of the Compact is to reduce poverty through economic growth. The Compact program includes two projects: (i) The Electricity Transmission Project (ETP) for the construction of about 300 kilometers of 400 kV electricity transmission lines, three substations, and technical assistance for the power sector; and (ii) The Road Maintenance Project (RMP) to provide technical assistance to improve road maintenance and conduct road maintenance works of around 100 kilometers of the strategic road network identified by MCC and GoN through mutual consultation. The program would include the procurement of contractors and consultants for design, construction and supervision of electricity lines and substations; and road maintenance works, including a variety of technical services, equipment and construction works in different geographic locations within Nepal. The Compact can be accessed at

Information for Potential Contractors and Suppliers: This notice is to inform potential contractors and suppliers for the above procurements,  that given the current business and  travel disruptions caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic:  (i) MCA-Nepal has decided to postpone the launching of the bidding processes under the Electricity Transmission Project which were scheduled to be published in the first quarter of 2020; (ii) MCA-Nepal will timely notify/publish updated information on dates and modality to   access  the bidding documents as soon as the current disruptions are resolved,  and (iii) MCA-Nepal suggests visiting its website regularly for updated information on its business opportunities and other important notices: