MCA-Nepal Q & As

मिलेनियम च्यालेञ्ज कम्प्याक्टका विषयमा उठेका केही प्रश्न र तिनीहरूका उत्तर

FAQs about MCA- Nepal

What is Millennium Challenge Account Nepal (MCA-Nepal)?

MCA-Nepal is a Nepali government organization established through a formation order approved by Nepal’s Council of Ministers to implement projects related to a $500 million USD Compact signed with the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), a U.S. government foreign aid agency.  MCA-Nepal is governed by a board chaired by Nepal’s Secretary of the Ministry of Finance. Its day-to-day operations are managed by its Executive Director. The Board consists of joint secretaries of Nepali government line ministries, representatives from the private sector and civil society, the MCA-Nepal Executive Director, and the managing director of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA).

What is a Compact? What is the Nepal Compact?

A Compact is a large-scale, five-year grant given by MCC to countries that meet its eligibility criteria. The Nepali government and MCC signed a $500 million USD Compact on September 14, 2017 to support upgrades to Nepal’s roads and power infrastructure. The Nepali government also agreed to provide $130 million USD to Compact activities through in-kind and monetary contributions. This means that the total budget for MCA-Nepal activities is $630 million.

What is the difference between MCA-Nepal and MCC? What is the relationship between the two organizations?

MCC is a U.S. government foreign aid agency with the goal of reducing poverty through economic development. It forms partnerships with developing countries that show they are committed to good governance, economic freedom, and investing in their citizens. It is headquartered in Washington, D.C.

MCA-Nepal is a Nepali government organization that was formed to implement activities related to MCC’s Nepal Compact. MCA-Nepal is responsible for managing all Compact activities, while MCC provides technical support and project oversight.

What is the Five-year Timeline?

The Nepali government has agreed to implement all Compact projects within a five-year timeline. This timeline starts when certain pre-conditions listed in the Compact have been met, and the Compact officially enters into force. The Compact is currently in a preparation stage and has not yet entered into force.

All Compact-related work that is incomplete at the end of the five-year timeline will not be funded by MCC. Thus, it is essential that all projects are completed within the timeline for Nepal to maximize the funds received from MCC and the impact from those funds.

How do I find out about jobs at MCA-Nepal?

Most of the recruitment for MCA-Nepal has been completed. For new job openings in the future please refer to our Job page and click on the link here: 

How do I find out about consulting and other contract opportunities at MCA-Nepal?

All procurement notices will be posted on the MCA-Nepal website Procurement page. Please check back frequently to see new opportunities. Additionally, if you have any procurement-related questions or would like to know more about MCA-Nepal procurement, please feel free to email us at

What is the Electricity Transmission Project?

Through the Electricity Transmission Project, MCA-Nepal will build approximately 300 kilometers of 400 kV transmission lines through the center of Nepal and three new substations. It will also provide technical assistance to the Nepali government for managing and regulating electricity in Nepal. These activities will increase the availability and reliability of electricity in Nepal.

What is the Road Maintenance Project?

The Road Maintenance Project aims to maintain road quality and prevent further deterioration across Nepal’s Strategic Road Network. The project will support the periodic maintenance of up to 305 kilometers of commercially-important roads in Nepal. As a part of this project, MCA-Nepal will also bring new pavement recycling technologies to Nepal for the first time.  Project activities include road maintenance work and technical assistance to the Department of Roads and Roads Board Nepal.

Can my project get funding through MCA-Nepal?

Unfortunately, MCA-Nepal does not provide funding or accept applications for new projects at this time. Its funds are directed towards its Electricity Transmission Project and Road Maintenance Project.